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Shayne Webb M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Advanced Fellowship Trained in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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Spa Treatments in Murfreesboro and Nashville TN

Looking for a luxurious place to go to maintain your skin health or just be pampered? We are your destination! There is no need to travel to Nashville any longer! We have everything you need right here in the heart of Middle Tennessee.

We offer Facials, Bacials (Back-Facial), Dcollet Treatments, Massage Therapy, Laser Treatments, B12 injections, dermaplaning, waxing, etc.


  • Eyebrow Wax & Consult- $15
  • Lip Wax-$12
  • Chin Wax- $12
  • Leg Wax- Half$60/Full$90
  • Arm Wax- Half$30/Full$45
  • Full Face-$50
  • Underarm Wax- $35
  • Bikini Wax-$45
  • Brazilian Wax- Starts at $50
  • Waxes in conjunction other treatments will be at a discounted price.


Dermaplaning uses a surgical scalpel to do a controlled scraping of the outermost layer of the skin. It improves the texture and appearance of the skin by removing dead skin cells and fine, velus hair. It gives skin care products and chemical peels the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. Additionally, it allows for flawless makeup application after treatment.

ZO® Medical Grade Facial/Chemical Peels:

ZO® Medical 3-Step Stimulation Peel:
($300 each) (Series of 3 for $750)

Duration: 30 Minutes
Optimal Results: 3 Times Every 3 - 4 weeks
Maintenance: Every 4 Months
Excellent for correction of fine lines, large pores, uneven pigmentation, scars, and sun damage. This peel is equivalent to using retinoic acid and Melamix for three months. Promotes softer, smoother skin. Formulated by Dr. Zein Obagi, these proprietary solutions stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells and quickly shed away your damaged skin layers. Dramatic improvements are noticeable after a single treatment. This facial peel will result in 4-5 days of mild exfoliation similar to a sunburn and is the maximum amount of stimulation to correct skin with minimal or no down time.

ZO Controlled Depth Peel:
($400 each) (2 for $625)

Duration: 45 Minutes
Optimal Results: 2 Times Per Year
This peel uses TCA 30% (trichloracetic acid) to medically treat the various skin conditions of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation disorders, and sun damage. Pre-conditioning skin with ZO Skin Health products is required before performing this peel.

  • Reduce brown spots, age spots, uneven skin pigmentation, and the appearance of melasma
  • Improve the texture of leathery, sun damaged skin and impart more glow
  • Treat certain types of acne conditions and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
*Downtime will be a full 2 weeks

ZO Medical Grade Treatments: Can be performed on face, back, arms, dcolletage

ZO Acne and Oil Control Treatment:
($125 each) (Series of 3 for $300)

Minimize oil production, reduce large pores and decrease inflammation.
Total Estimated Treatment Time: 50 minutes
Cleansing gently removes impurities, followed by a micro-scrub to prepare the skin to easily address the extraction process by removing remaining debris from the skins surface. A combination of AHAs and salicylic acid are used to minimize excess oil production and tighten pores. Using an oil-free gel with a special blend of moisture factors, fatty acids and amino acids, a calming massage is performed. Healing is encouraged and inflammation minimized with our exclusive ZO Bio-Sulfur Masque that adds eucalyptus and kaolin for antiseptic and detoxifying benefits. Calm, clear and healthier oil-free skin is revealed. The treatment finishes with antioxidants, DNA repairing enzymes and powerful sun protection using natural melanin, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to minimize acne scarring. Skin is visibly clean, clear and calm.

ZO Skin Brightening Treatment:
($125 each) (Series of 3 for $300)

Restore skin clarity, reduce pigment spots and discoloration
Total Estimated Treatment Time: 50 minutes
This brightening treatment creates a radiant, more even skin tone and texture with citric, salicylic and lactic acids to increase skin brightness, clarity and minimize pore size. A moisture-rich cleansing and mild exfoliation is followed by a vitamin-fortified calming massage. To further brighten the skin, the Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet Masque, with arbutin and green tea, is applied to minimize the production of excess skin pigment and supply ample hydration to the tissue. The treatment concludes with powerful ZO antioxidants, coenzymes and sun protection to inhibit melanin production and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

ZO Ultra Hydration Treatment:
($125 each) (Series of 3 for $300)

Hydrate and rejuvenate moisture-depleted skin
Total Estimated Treatment Time: 50 minutes
This elegant treatment begins with a gentle hydrating cleansing and micro-exfoliation to remove surface debris. Using mulberry, licorice and bearberry extracts, with kojic and lactic acids, the skin is prepped for a triple action resurfacing process to enhance brightness and clarity, as well as to address skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. ZO Aloe Hydra gel, with cucumber and chamomile, is applied to cool, calm and soothe the skin, followed by pressure point massage manipulations to minimize facial stress and maximize relaxation. The treatment finishes with DNA repairing enzymes, hydrators and sun protection enhanced with natural melanin. Skin is vibrantly clear, firm, strengthened and protected.

ZO Stimulator Peel Treatment:
($100 each) (Series of 3 for $240)

The perfect lunchtime peel with no downtime!
Total Estimated Treatment Time: 30 minutes
This revolutionary beta/alpha acid spa peel stimulates cellular turnover, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall skin tone, texture and clarity without downtime.

ZO Advanced Hand Treatment:
($35 each) (Series of 3 for $85)

Can be added on to any other treatment for a discounted price
Minimize rough skin and dark spots with this advanced anti-aging hand treatment
Total Estimated Treatment Time: 25 minutes
ZO Skin Health Advanced Hand Treatment is designed to not only correct existing damage, but to prevent future damage in only 4 steps. This lush anti-aging treatment with retinol, potent antioxidants, rich emollients and powerful sun protection helps reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and improves hands overall texture, tone and color.

($125 each) (Series of 3 for $300)

First-ever volumizing facial treatment featuring the youth-boosting powers of topic probiotic bioactives. Totally different from other chemical acid peels, it works from the inside out, no excessive peeling, no down-time, and painless. You get the benefits of brightening, detoxifying, tightening, smoothing, volumizing, strengthening, retexturing, and wrinkle relaxing. This combats acne from the inside out.

Webb Signature Facials

Webb Quick Polish $50

This treatment is for those in need of serious cleansing and extractions, without the fluff and puff. This facial is a great way to maintain your skin between facials. After cleansing, light steam and exfoliation, we will gently remove the impurities from your skin.
-Available with customized peel for additional fee.

Webb Illuminating Facial $85

VIVITɮ Glycolic based treatment specifically designed to improve overall skin clarity and smoothness and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; containing 70% glycolic compound.

Webb Extravagant Facial $85

This facial focuses on relaxation and eliciting a healthy glow. It is for all skin types including men and teens. Facials are essential for the maintenance of radiant, healthy skin. Every facial is personalized and includes cleansing, toning, steaming (optional), masque, extractions, and exfoliation. Products selected based on unique skin type.

Webb Manly Mans Facial $85

Includes all the bells and whistles of The Extravagant Facial but geared toward a mans preference and skin type.

Webb Signature HydraFacial $175

Includes all of the steps of the original HydraFacial only begins with an exfoliating polish and has an added masque, customized to your skin type.



Real Patients & Their Stories

I had considered breast augmentation for many years. Breastfeeding 4 children had taken its toll. Dr. Webb's down to earth, one on one approach convinced me to go ahead and have it done. He tailored the surgery to my specific needs and the outcome was fantastic. Every aspect about my experience was top notch, from the care and treatment from Dr. Webb, to his personable staff who were always friendly. I was so pleased with my experience that Dr. Webb will be my first choice for any procedures that I may have in the future. - CMW *
Every effort was made by Dr. Webb to ensure that I knew everything there was to know about my procedure. Dr. Webb and his staff were available to me any time I had a question or a concern. Dr. Webb's staff was both courteous and meticulous in catering to my needs and concerns. My surgery went very well. I am now two weeks into my recovery and I am thrilled with my results already. Every day I see improvement and get more and more excited about my new shape. I felt very confident in Dr. Webb's ability; he is a truly talented surgeon. The information that I was given prior to my surgery helped everything go so smoothly, everything that Dr. Webb said I would experience was true to form. My pain was managed very well and I really expected to have a lot more discomfort than I actually experienced. I would only recommend Dr. Webb to anyone who wishes to have a surgical procedure carried out to PERFECTION! - KM *
I'm a young mom of 2 girls. Having kids left me with a body that made me very unhappy. I decided it was time for a change. Not knowing ANYTHING at all about plastic surgery I was unsure but called anyways to set up an appointment. Going in I was very scared and didn't know what to expect, but when I got there I was greeted by a very friendly staff. Dr. Webb and I started my consult and we talked for about an hour and thirty mins. He explained everything possible and what he thought I needed. He went into full detail of before, during, and after the procedure. I can't explain how comfortable I felt talking to him and the staff. I knew that day that I didn't need to look any longer. He was the one who was going to do my surgery! I had a tummy tuck and lipo, everything went like he said and now (2 months later) I look and feel like a 24 year old should. Dr. Webb and his staff are amazing, I can't thank them enough! I can't wait until summertime and I haven't been able to say that in a LONG time! Again THANK-YOU, you have helped start a whole new chapter in my life. - SBH *
From pre-op to post operative care, Dr. Webb and his team have been there every step of the way. I am so thrilled with the care & my results. 4 months post surgery, I have been able to exercise & lost 17 lbs and my breast are now a 36D! I can go into a store and actually find clothes that "fit" me and I don't have to struggle into a bathing suit anymore! From the added weight on my chest I used to have constant neck, back, & knee pain and now it's gone. Even the permanent bra marks that I had on my back & shoulders are beginning to fade. The biggest drawback to this surgery? I lost my golf swing and had to take lessons to get my swing back! Thank you Dr. Webb & the entire staff at Nirvana for giving me my life back! The "Girls" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart- they are PERFECT! - GW *

*Your Results Will Vary