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Imagine being able to customize the shape and volume of your breasts with your own tissue. At Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we offer breast augmentation using your own fat transferred to your breasts. This procedure essentially moves unwanted fat from one or more areas of the body to the breasts. Through careful examination and discussion, you and Dr Webb will decide what fat stores you wish to have transferred and what shape and volume you wish to gain in your breasts.

The actual procedure relies on three main steps:

  • HARVESTING: Utilizing very small incisions, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fatty excess in one or more areas.
  • FILTRATION AND PURIFICATION: The fat is collected using a specially designed filtration system that separates the fat of impurities.
  • TRANSFER: The fat is then placed into syringes and carefully transferred to the breasts using small cannulas with minimal scarring. Dr. Webb carefully transfers the fat in very small portions ensuring your body can vascularize the fat leading to the maximal amount of graft take.


Breast fat transfer augments the breasts without using implants producing more subtle natural results. Problem areas can be contoured at the same time thus improving overall body shape and symmetry in multiple areas. The entire procedure uses your own tissue so no foreign substance or product is present. Exercise and normal daily routines can be resumed earlier than with implant augmentation.


Healthy adults who:

  • have excess volume in other areas
  • desire a modest to moderate increase in breast volume
  • want a more natural look and feel than can be achieved with implants
  • desire a one stage procedure that contours two or more areas at once


Aftercare involves compression garments for harvest (liposuction) areas the day of the procedure. The day after the procedure you will be placed simply into a bra. It is recommended that no excess pressure (such as sleeping on your stomach or overly tight bras) be placed onto the breasts for two weeks to ensure the maximum graft take and no uneven areas. Bruising and swelling usually subside within 2 to 3 weeks. Within a few weeks the new fat will be fully vascularized and will be just like any other fat in your body. Post op pictures are taken around 3 months.

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