Murfreesboro’s Mid-Facelift for Men

Restore Your Former Youth

Over time, skin loses its elasticity, causing the overall face to sag and look tired and old. A Mid-facelift can restore skin’s youthful look by focusing on the lower eyelids and cheeks, as well as by correcting under-eye bags, hollowness in the upper cheeks, and prominent nasal folds. Our Murfreesboro plastic surgery team has the skill and passion necessary to give patients top-tier results tailored specifically to their individual goals.

Consider a mid-facelift if you:

What to Expect from the Procedure

The mid-facelift procedure involves small, deep incisions into the facial muscle tissue. With those incisions, the fat and muscle tissue can be adjusted to make the skin appear smooth and tight. Once the incisions are closed, the healing process begins. Typical recovery takes about a week at the longest, sometimes shorter. Because a mid-facelift is a more focused and less invasive procedure than other facial procedures, patients also experience less bruising and swelling.

A Minimally Invasive Procedure

Dr. Webb is one of few plastic surgeons in Tennessee who can perform a minimally invasive mid-facelift, now one of our most sought after procedures by both men and women. This procedure is performed in conjunction with a lower lid blepharoplasty does not cause extra scars. It rejuvenates the upper cheeks and lower eyelid region — a look that can not be achieved with blepharoplasty alone. To get a youthful face without unnecessary scarring, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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