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When a patient is considering some modification of their lower face such as in the cheeks, jowls, or neck area, they typically think they need a facelift. However, since no aspect of a patient’s face ages in isolation, a brow lift may be a more appropriate procedure, which is why understanding your face in terms of balance and symmetry is so important. Similarly, when signs of aging appear on a person’s brow and forehead as deep horizontal or “frown lines,” they believe an upper eyelid lift is necessary when a brow lift would be more suitable to solve their problem. A properly trained plastic surgeon can easily make this distinction. By performing a brow lift procedure, we can adjust a fallen brow to lift upper eyelid skin that sags over the eyes to improve a patient’s visual field.

A brow lift might be right for you if you:

Understanding the Process

In the past, brow lifts involved an incision behind the hairline, sometimes resulting in a visible scar or altered sensation. For this reason, many patients, especially those who know a colleague or family member who has had this type of surgery, are reluctant to undergo a brow lift. Utilizing today’s technology, however, Dr. Webb is able to provide this surgery using small incisions and an endoscope which allows internal viewing of the area on a television screen. We gently raise the skin of your forehead, then manipulate the muscles of the area to maintain the effects. Through this internal viewing, we are also able to permanently manipulate many of the brow muscles. For the proper candidate, Dr. Webb also offers an even less invasive brow lift that utilizes incisions hidden in the hair of the temples. No incisions are needed on the face! This is a fantastic option for those candidates with minimal brow descent in the midline near the nose and more noticeable outer/lateral brow descent. This procedure is less painful and involves much less downtime. It can also be done as an adjunct to upper eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) for patients who have heavy upper eyelids as well.

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