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Plastic Vs. Cosmetic Surgeon

Having technology and knowing how to use it are separate entities. Many non-plastic surgeons today offer liposuction using various means. However, there is an incredible distinction between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic surgeon. Though both are doctors, Cosmetic Surgeons have no formal residency training in plastic surgery and are usually not allowed to perform cases in hospitals. Therefore, their only option is to perform these procedures unregulated and under local anesthesia in their office.

The Smartlipo TriPlex™—the Latest in Laser Liposuction

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Masters trained in Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Webb has both the technical knowledge and surgical expertise to obtain excellent body contouring results by using the latest advancements in laser liposuction. As such, Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers the latest, most advanced liposuction system on the market today for residents of Murfreesboro and Nashville, Tennessee.

The Smartlipo TriPlex™ is the gold standard in laser lipolysis, offering three unique wavelengths that target fat, water, and skin differently. When combined, these different wavelengths work together to promote the reduction of the fat cells and tightening of the skin. This translates to a smooth contour with less sagging skin than any other liposuction method. We also use SmartSense™ and ThermaGuide™ intelligent delivery systems to safely monitor the energy delivered. This allows the optimal amount of skin tightening while adding an additional level of safety.

By customizing the wavelengths based on the treatment and patient type, the Smartlipo TriPlex offers patients seeking Liposuction the following:

Procedure Options

Webb Aesthetic Surgery & Med Spa Offers You the Best

Dr. Webb has been performing laser liposuction for 8 years after having been fellowship-trained by one of the world’s leading pioneers in body contouring and laser liposuction. For the appropriate case, SmartLipo can be done in an accredited surgery center, but otherwise performed under local anesthesia. Many physicians only have the option to perform these procedures under local anesthesia. Because Dr. Webb is a plastic surgeon, he has hospital privileges to perform these procedures under the comfort of general or sedation anesthesia. As such, many areas can be addressed at once, resulting in only one period of downtime and no pain during the procedure.

If you are seeking a laser liposuction expert in Tennessee, please view our before and after gallery for liposuction.

What is Cellulite?

Though cellulite is made up of pockets of fat, it is not actually something that can be combatted with diet and exercise. Being large or small does not have much bearing on whether a person has cellulite at all, because it is a structural issue.

Cellulite can form due to three primary reasons:

Cellulaze works by going under the skin to thicken it and increase elasticity. This gives patients a smooth, long-lasting, flawless contour.