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Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a lead in laser liposuction technology for the lower face and neck with the Precision Tx, a component of the SmartLipo Triplex platform. The procedure is done using incisions hidden beneath the chin and earlobes where the laser energy is focused to bring facial and neck contouring to a new level as well as tighten underlying tissues while eliminating fat.

For some patients, this translates into avoiding a facelift altogether. In the proper hands, no other minimally invasive method of liposuction compares. This procedure would be ideal for patients who are looking to get great, long-lasting results without having a great deal of recovery time, or who are uncomfortable with the major undertaking that a traditional facelift can include. At Webb Aesthetic, we do the same procedure as Dr. Nikolov–– but go one step forward. We remove break-down products, so after just 4 days, you can begin to see results within a week instead of months, at no added cost.

Facial and neck contouring include:

During your consultation with Dr. Webb, all options will be discussed in great detail so you will feel well informed about your procedure and the specific aspects of your anatomy that will be addressed. As with all surgeries, we strive to provide a dramatic result without giving a patient an “operated on” appearance. Our focus is not merely on skin removal. We address the true anatomical irregularity by addressing the underlying muscles. This allows a more sustained result, and the scars fade to thin white lines since all incisions are closed under no tension.

Beautiful Results Without the Downtime

If you live in Tennessee and are seeking a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in the most advanced liposuction treatments, check out our gallery for laser liposuction of the face and neck. Our Murfreesboro plastic surgeon has been working in the field for over a decade. Because he is able to combine his artistic sensibilities with the latest cutting-edge technology, he can utilize these new tools with a skill few others possess.

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