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The sole enduring treatment powered by peptides for frown lines

DAXXIFY potentially endures twice as long as standard frown line remedies for some. Typical frown line solutions last between 3-4 months. In clinical trials, over half of the participants showed either no or minimal frown lines 6 months post DAXXIFY treatment. In separate safety studies, 5% to 17% of participants exhibited noticeable benefits even 9 months after. This treatment is now available in Murfreesboro!

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It's Time for a Breakthrough Formula

For over 20 years, injectable treatments for frown lines have been available, yet nearly 90% of individuals hope their effects would persist longer.

DAXXIFY stands out with its unique peptide-driven formulation, setting it apart from the rest. This peptide enhances the stabilization of the active ingredient, a departure from traditional treatments that rely on human blood products.


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Some might find that DAXXIFY lasts up to double the duration of typical frown line treatments.

Distinctly, DAXXIFY is the sole prescription frown line remedy crafted in the USA. Originating from the pioneering hub of Silicon Valley, it remains manufactured there to this day.

*Standard frown line treatments usually endure 3-4 months. However, after receiving DAXXIFY treatment, more than half of the participants in clinical trials exhibited either no or negligible frown lines six months later. Furthermore, in other safety evaluations, 5% to 17% of patients displayed notable benefits even nine months post-treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About DAXXIFY

DAXXIFY is an FDA-endorsed solution for reducing moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Its effects last around 6 months on average and can extend up to 9 months for certain individuals. The main component is botulinum toxin type A, a purified protein. In studies, over half of patients showed minimal or no frown lines 6 months post-treatment, while 3-5% maintained these results after 9 months.

If you desire longer-lasting results from your frown line treatment, consider DAXXIFY. For the best guidance, discuss your objectives with an aesthetic professional and locate a provider near you.

To receive treatment, find a certified provider in your vicinity.

While every frown line treatment requires an ingredient to stabilize botulinum toxin A, DAXXIFY is distinctive in its utilization of a unique peptide. This formulation excludes any human or animal byproducts.

DAXXIFY stands out due to its peptide-powered formula, which offers results that are long-lasting, with many patients experiencing noticeable improvements for up to 9 months post-treatment.

Not necessarily. Units, which measure treatment potency, vary across products. For instance, the  recommended dosage for frown lines is 40 Units, equivalent to 0.18 nanograms of botulinum toxin type A, while BOTOX Cosmetic recommends 20 Units for the same amount of active ingredient.

It is crafted in California, making it the sole prescription frown line treatment originating from the United States.

Initiated in Silicon Valley in 2002, the aim was to harness peptides for biologic transportation. This led to DAXXIFY’s creation as an injectable solution for frown line treatment, following extensive clinical research.

Yes. Extensive studies, involving over 2,800 participants, affirm this product’s safety. Please consult a professional regarding potential side effects.

Yes, it has been rigorously tested across diverse age groups and skin types, establishing its efficacy and safety.

No. Side effects, when present, are brief and comparable to other frown line treatments.

Consult your aesthetic provider for preparation guidance, including potential substances to avoid.
Most individuals describe the injection as a pinch. Discuss pain alleviation methods with your provider if needed. Some temporary side effects, like redness or swelling, may occur post-injection.

Typically, two treatments, yearly can maintain smooth frown lines for the entire year.

Results can appear as soon as a day post-treatment and more improvement can be seen over the next three weeks.

While results can be observed rapidly, it’s wise to account for potential minor side effects like bruising, which generally subside in a few days.

Multiple factors, including genetics, environmental damage, and repetitive facial expressions, can lead to frown lines. It works beneath the skin to address the underlying muscle activity causing these lines.

Derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, botulinum toxins inhibit certain nerve signals, especially those inducing muscle contractions, thus reducing frown lines.
Treatments using botulinum toxin type A have been enhancing facial aesthetics for over two decades, with various unique formulations available.

While DAXXIFY targets muscle-related wrinkles, dermal fillers, often containing hyaluronic acid, restore volume to facial areas. The two treat different aspects of facial aging.