Murfreesboro’s Thigh Lifts

Stand Confident on Toned, Slender Legs

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that improves the overall appearance of your legs, leaving them toned and firm. There are several different types of thigh lift procedures that each targets certain areas to produce the most effective results for each individual patient.

Consider a thigh lift procedure if you:

  • Are struggling to reach your goal thighs through excercise
  • Want shapely, firm thighs
  • Need to remove excess skin from your thighs
  • Hate the shape or proportion of your thighs

Different leg procedures include:

  • Inner thigh lift – this procedure targets the inner thigh and helps remove stubborn, excess fat from this troublesome area. An incision is made in the area where the thigh and pubic area meet, and then skin and fat are removed and tightened to enhance skin elasticity and the overall appearance of the leg.
  • Medial thigh lift – A medial thigh lift targets the upper portion of the inner thigh through an incision that stretches from the groin to the back crease of the buttock. This procedure removes excess skin and improves the shape of the leg.

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