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Due to many different factors, breasts sometimes lose their perky, youthful appearance. For these patients, a breast lift may be the answer. If you wish to gain volume, Dr. Webb will also discuss the option of placing breast implants at the time of the breast lift. If no gain in volume is desired, Dr. Webb will discuss options for a breast lift without implants.

Consider a breast lift if you want to:

Factors that can cause breasts to flatten or drop include:

We Always Keep Your Goals in Mind

During your consultation, we will discuss and determine the specific lift procedure that is right for you. Dr. Webb’s preferred method utilizes a newer technique wherein the lower aspect of the breast tissue is manipulated and displaced vertically. This gives the breasts a look similar to an augmentation without placing any implant or changing your cup size. Please contact Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Murfreesboro for more information on breast lift and to schedule a consultation. We understand every woman’s unique body is what makes them beautiful, which is why we do not force you to be society’s idea of the perfect body. Instead, we focus on enhancing your natural beauty so your features suit you. Learn more about breast lift surgery at Next, read about our Breast Reduction procedure.

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