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Start Looking Bright-Eyed Again

One of the first places men show signs of aging is around the eyes. If you suffer from droopy eyelids or puffiness under the eye, those around you may constantly comment that you look tired. Our eyelid rejuvenation procedure can resolve that by restoring the crispness of your upper eyelids and removing any puffy “bags” under your eyes. By eliminating excess skin or fat around your eyes, we can remove that permanent tired look to make you look young and refreshed again.

Factors that deteriorate youthfulness in the eyes:

Our eyelid rejuvenation procedure is for men who have:

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Combining Technical Skill with an Impeccable Artistic Eye

At Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Murfreesboro, we employ some of the most advanced techniques for rejuvenating both the upper and lower eyelids. In approaching the eyelids, we have techniques at our disposal that address not only the outermost skin layer of the eyelid, but also the underlying structural layers. By having the ability to address these components, our plastic surgeon can tailor your procedure to your specific needs. Elements that can be addressed include excess wrinkled upper eyelid skin, hypertrophic eyelid muscle, eyelash inversion, loss of a youthful eyelid crease, and laxity of the overall eyelid envelope. In addition, by targeting the structural support of the lower eyelids, complaints such as bags under the eyes, laxity of the lower lid margin, and drooping of the corner of the eye can be improved. Please contact Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Murfreesboro for more information on male eyelid rejuvenation and to schedule your consultation. Next, read about Ear Surgery procedure.

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