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Even with diet and exercise, there are often areas of the body that continue to have fatty deposits. Often after weight loss, these areas become even more bothersome, especially if the remainder of the body is lean and toned. Liposuction can target the unsightly bulges and stubborn fatty deposits that no amount of diet and exercise can overcome. Liposuction can help you finally get the better-looking, more lean, and more shapely body you desire.

Benefits of Liposuction & Where It Can Be Performed

Liposuction is an effective, flexible, and safe treatment for the removal of fat deposits. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but it can significantly reduce localized fat deposits to improve your overall body contour.

Liposuction can be used on nearly every area of the body, including:

The results of liposuction can be long-lasting. Weight gain can still make your fat deposits grow, but they will be less likely to grow to their former size or shape.

Consider liposuction if you:

During your consultation with Dr. Webb, all options will be discussed in great detail so you will feel well informed about your procedure and the specific aspects of your anatomy that will be addressed. As with all surgeries, we strive to provide a dramatic result without giving a patient an “operated on” appearance. Our focus is not merely on skin removal. We address the true anatomical irregularity by addressing the underlying muscles. This allows a more sustained result, and the scars fade to thin white lines since all incisions are closed under no tension.

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Liposuction Procedure

By having the ability to address each individual area as needed, Dr. Webb can address your specific needs in achieving a balanced, contoured body. When you meet with our surgeon we will comprehensively evaluate your current body type, discuss your health and exercise habits, and provide you a plan to reach your goals. Additional factors which are considered include skin elasticity, amount of excess skin (if any), and overall amount of tissue needed to be removed. During the procedure, the area to be treated is first injected with a solution that loosens the fat and numbs the area. Then several small incisions are used to insert a hollow needle, known as a cannula, into the fat deposit. The loosened fat is drawn through the cannula with suction. Oral or intravenous sedation can be used to help the patient remain relaxed during the procedure. However, with removal of larger volumes of fat, we prefer to perform the procedure at an accredited surgery center. Please contact Webb Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Murfreesboro for more information on liposuction fat removal, and to schedule a consultation. Next, read about our Tummy Tuck procedure.

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At our practice, we want you to be healthy and stable at the weight you are. We also know whether you weigh 140 or 250, the way you carry your weight can disqualify you from procedures. The closer you can be to a healthy weight, the more successful and safe your surgery will be!